My vote does not count

The "no nothings" of modern day politics start their convention today and so it looks like the "official" election season is now upon us. It does seem however, that this election season has already been way too long. I admit to being a political junkie and viewer of cable news so I have been living and breathing this crap for nearly two years.  I have a sickness that will only get worse and intensify in coming weeks as the race for the White House reaches a fever pitch.  However, yesterday in a moment of revelation it dawned on me that I really don't have a vote that means very much in the presidential race.  I live in a state that is solidly for Obama with Mitt-Witt have virtually no chance of winning here. New Jersey's 14 electoral votes (by the way that number is down 1 from the last election because lots of folks have had the good sense to exit this hell hole).  Whether I show to vote does not really matter much or at all.

However, if I lived anyplace in Ohio, or say Virginia I would have the weight of the world on my shoulders in the voting booth knowing that I am determining who the leader of the free world will be.  Same thing in Nevada and North Carolina.  Votes in those states for president mean something. Accordingly, I will once again call for elimination of the electoral college and move for direct election of the president by popular vote. The electoral college is a relic of a past time and has become a hindrance to democracy.  Al Gore actually won the popular vote in 2000.  Imagine how the world would have different if Bush were never president? It was the same situation when I lived in my beloved New York. 

To be sure, I'm pretty pissed off about being deemed irrelevant in this election and to live in a country that can't even elect a leader fairly.  In fact it sucks.  Happy Monday.

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