New York’s Rudest

The NYPD is in dire need of some lessons in elemental courtesy and manners.  Saturday at the funeral for slain officer Ramos the sea of blue watching outside on huge jumbo TV’s turned their backs when Mayor Bill DeBlasio was giving his eulogy. The turning of their backs to the mayor was a supposed protest to the mayor’s not supporting the cops which of course is utter nonsense.  These heroic men in blue didn’t like the fact that the mayor supported the right of protesters to march in the street expressing their first amendment right to free speech.  They also deplored the comment made by Mr. DeBlasio that he has had to talk to his bi-racial son Dante about the proper way to approach the police if he were ever stopped.  Of course this is a conversation that millions of fathers of black and bi-racial sons have had and reflects the reality of how the police operate. However, more to the point the cops are trying to pin the horrendous killings of two officers on DeBlasio.  After all didn’t he incite that lunatic from Maryland to come to NYC and kill those cops in cold blood?  Absurd to say the least. The you has the head of the police union -that serpentine looking Patrick Lynch- inciting the cops saying that the mayor had “blood on his hands”.  Not mentioned by the NY tabloids and most of the media is that Lynch is in the midst of contract talks with the city and is just looking for as much public sympathy as he can develop. If the cops really don’t like DeBlasio they should get rid of him in the next election.  However, so many of them live outside of NYC they will not be able to help vote him out. Some people including that horrible racist Rudy Giuliani say DeBlasio owes the police an apology.  As usual Rudy has it wrong.  The cops owe Bill DeBlasio and apology.

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