No place to hide from the crooks on Wall Street

Not only was the stock market down sharply yesterday but so was gold.  Indeed, all type of "assets" are under pressure in what seems like an end of the world scenario. For my part, I just don't buy most of the bullshit that is being peddled by the financial media about the current situation.  For starters, the stock market is simply being manipulated by the big crooks and Wall Street.  We are seeing our IRA's going down the drain but the big hedge funds that specialize in short selling are making tons of money.  American corporations are awash with cash and if you applied simple analysis to stock valuations they are cheap by historical standards.  But the crooks on Wall Street are ignoring this and making tons of money by spreading the doom and gloom.  The crap being spread about Greece is another complete fabrication used to make people panic.  Greece means nothing in the scheme of things and only a moron would think that if Greece defaults on its loans the world will come to an end.  Yet the media which is loving the disaster scenario keeps reporting that it will mean the end of the world. 

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