No Recession in the Bronx

I went to the new Yankee Stadium yesterday and suffice to say it's just over the top. I've been to some of the newer baseball stadiums around the country but this place is in a league of its own.  Anyway, with all the talk of a recession and people crying about the state of the economy I could not believe the way folks were spending money. Everything in the joint is terribly overpriced but that did not seem to faze people who were crowding the stores that sell Yankee merchandise (of which there are many).  Indeed, these stores were like the subway at rush hour.  I wanted to pick up a few items for the grand-kids but refused to wait on a check out line that I literally could not find the end of.  People have money and if they open their wallets for other things like they were doing for most of the junk on sale at Yankee Stadium yesterday this recession will surely be over pretty soon!!

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