None Dare Call It Treason

Republican Senators have reached a new low -even for them.  It seems 47 of these cretins have directed a letter to the most extreme leaders in Iran expressing the opinion that even if an agreement is reached to curtail the development of nuclear weapons by Iran that is currently being negotiated by President Obama and several other countries, it will mean diddly squat.  Seems these political morons think that telling the mullahs in Iran that the agreement could be scrapped in the future will discourage them from signing on. Never in my following of politics have I seen such behavior in undermining the foreign policy responsiblities of a sitting president.  These Republicans so hate President Obama that they would jeopardize the secuity of the US to embarrass him.  They are willing to risk another Middle East war so they could give him the finger,  This treachery was orchestrated by a freshman Senator from the great state of Arkanasa, Tim Cotton, who looks like the product of several generations of inbreeding.  My guess is that war monger Bibi Nentanyahu hatched this plan with the GOP when he was in Washington.  Afterall these Senators listen very carefully to what Isarel says.  It seems Republican Senators are mosre interested in the security of Israel than in their own country.  Maybe like Nentanyahu they should renounce their US citizenship and move to Israel.  This episode is a pure case of treason brought on by the racial hatred these creeps have for our President. 

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