None Dare Call It Treason

What’s going on now with the Federal response to the Ebola epidemic is nothing short of treasonous in my view.  We are being lied to on a daily basis by representatives of the CDC led by that total moron Frieden who should immediately be fired.  Letting that women on a plane who had a fever and had  been in contact with the other nurse who contracted the disease was one of the most stupid things I have heard of in recent years.  We are being lied to about the difficulty in contracting Ebola.  It is easier to get than being admitted by the so-called health experts.  But the most blame has to be put on President Obama.  It boggles the mind that he has not banned entry into this country of anyone from West Africa.  It was fine to suspend flights to Israel during the Gaza war to protect American lives but I guess when it comes to Africa Mr. Obama thinks differently.  Indeed, I think the attitude of Obama over this mega-crisis and his failure to adequately protect Americans verges on treason.  I truly regret voting for the man.

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