Now they are calling it “climate change”

Having been exposed as charlatans the global warming nuts are now referring to "climate change" rather than "global warming".  Perhaps the visuals of major east coast cities buried by snow and ice induced this change in terminology.  As readers know I have always been a skeptic of global warming nonsense which seems to be discredited even more with each successive snow storm.  I particularly find hilarious as well as pathetic the argument of the kooks that these storms are precisely what global warming has been all about – extremes in climate.  Sorry folks, not "extremes". As a kid I remember many winters like this and then there was no stupid talk of climate change.  As for me I recommend the increased use of coal to stoke the nation's furnaces to produce electricity.  Come on Al Gore, come out of hiding or are you too busy counting your money from promoting the fraud of "global warming" -oops- "climate change".

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