Obama as Mr. Spock

A great column from Maureen Dowd this morning that I think you should read.  It says much about Obama and his gambles on Iraq and the Economy.  I know the gloom and despair of the times.  I just have heard of another job loss from a friend who now has two grown children unemployed.  It's very tough out there and will likely get worse.  Still, although I am in a minority right now, I think Obama is the perfect man for these times and that within two years, economic conditions in this country will be much improved.  There is a destiny about Obama that for some wacky reason gives me reason to hope.  If you read his books you come away feeling this guy is really deep and smart.  Some may say this exhibits a cult of personality graving on my part. So be it.  All I know is it takes great leaders to fix great messes andwe may have elected one last November.

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