Obama hasn’t got a clue

Oh how I wish we had a president that would tell the nihilist Republicans to go to hell.  Unfortunately we don't.  We have a wimp who can't even realize that there are folks out there willing to destroy the country in order to defeat him.  So who really is to blame for the economic and political mess?  Not doubt in my mind it's Obama who doesn't even begin to qualify as a man.  He is the sorriest leader of this country that I have ever seen in my lifetime.  His political operation is the worst in memory and his staff is a disaster.  Boy did he pull the wool over my eyes.  To be sure, when he assumed the presidency he had a mess on his hands owing to complete and utter incompetence by Bush and his fellow travelers.  But Obama also had big majorities in both house of Congress and if he had any balls he would have proposed an agenda that was bold and geared toward getting America back to work.  Instead he choose to push healhtcare reform which while vital paled in comparison to people being out of work.  And, to make matters worse he ceded much of the fight to Nancy Polisi.  So Obama plans a speech for Thursday on jobs which was bungled this week by a stupid scheduling fight in which Bambi once again backed down.  I for one have had enough of Obama's speeches and won't be listening.  The guy is a disaster!!!

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