On Balance a Good Week

As of this morning I really think this may have been a good week for America. Sure the disgusting images from Missouri were enough to upset any thinking person but as of this morning things seem to be settled down with new, logical, humane policing in place.  However more encouraging is the fact that so many American turned out all over the country last night to protest the murder of another black youth by a racist police force.  Also it’s come out how these local cops have been armed with weapons that have been used in combat.  Police forces have been made into para military organizations and now that truth is right before our eyes and the backlash has begun.  A good thing.  Also encouraging this week was the Hillary Clinton can’t seem to keep her big mouth shut and by dissing President Obama in public she got lots of folks on the left pretty pissed off.  Make no mistake the “inevitable” candidacy of Hillary is over.  There will be a challenge from the left to a woman that has the same foreign policy views as crazy John McCain.  This is a good thing,  This morning also brought the news that Iraq has a new prime minister and that lots of those refugees are now safe from Islamic terror.  A good thing to be sure. By the way folks I would like to propose that the calm and deliberate foreign policy of the current occupant of the White House is also a good thing.  President Obama doesn’t shoot form the hip and is genuinely interested in trying to keep the USA out of war.  He gets kicked around a lot ( and most us know why) but give credit where it’s do.  Finally, we had a great week of summer weather here in New Jersey. While other parts of the country have been hit hard by vicious weather here in the Garden State things have been very comfy.  On balance a good week!!

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