Out of Control

Is it just me or do others feel that things are just getting out of control?  For sure, the stock market is out of control, surging one day and plunging the next.  The price of oil is out of control, with a price of $110 per barrel threatening to fuel higher inflation, that can soon be deemed to be out of control as well.  The housing sector of the economy has been spinning out of control for almost two years now, and the downward spiral seems likely to continue.  Wish I could be more optimistic but I just can’t offer many economic facts to counter being a pessimist concerning US economic prospects for the short-term.  The ray of hope resides in the long-term.  The US economy is not dead or down for the count.  This will likely be a normal type recession followed by recovery.  That’s the business cycle folks.  We may not like living through the downturn(I sure don"t) but you know that’s life.  Of course, investors should attempt to minimize their pain, and be smart in decisions.  If you feel comfortable holding cash I will be the last to argue with you.   

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