Parade Politics

Russia may be invading Ukraine, and the world can’t find a 777, and the winter of our disconnect doesn’t seem ready to vacate the premises any time soon.  All this means nothing to the morons that are arguing who should be allowed to march in the 5th Ave. St. Patrick’s Day parade.  The controversy involves the refusal of the parade’s organizer to let gay and lesbian Irish folk march with a banner identifying them as such.  The parade organizer refused to allow the banner waving from a contingent that I would venture to say would be the hit of the march!!  Gay people love parades. The Gay Pride Parade every June is much better than the St. Patrick’s affair. It’s the best fun parade in the City.  The St. Paddy’s Day parade usually features a host of Catholic School Bands marching under stern clerical supervision.  You know that those kids really don’t want to be there on a cold late winter day.  They would much rather being playing video games.

Mayor DeBlasio refused to attend the Irish 5ht Ave. parade because of their exclusionary polices.  Mayor DeBlasio, if nothing else, is the poster boy for political correctness.  Then Guinness Beer, the holy water of Irish people, refused to be a sponsor.  Always look to big business to let you know which way the wind is blowing.  It’s blowing a gale in the direction of equal rights for all.  The parade organizers are of course heavily influenced by the Catholic church in the city.  Don’t let Cardinal Dolan fool you.  For all his telegenic appearance and big smile the real Dolan is a hard liner it seems on gay rights. So there you have it.  Catholic Church in NYC fighting another losing game and looking silly in the process.  Maybe Pope Francis should visit NYC soon!!!


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