Paul Ryan is a phony jerk

The media is in the process of lavishing all sorts of praise on Rep. Paul Ryan, the architect of the Republican budget proposals that would take away health care for seniors, scratch vital government programs for the poor and disadvantaged, while at the same time giving huge tax breaks to the wealthy.  You would think the guy would be vilified for such Draconian proposals but instead we are told how wonderful he is for being "bold" and that his early morning gym workouts are as intense as his phony eyes. This guy wants to come off as some economic intellectual, but the truth is he is an economic ignoramus.  If his budget proposals were adopted they would lead to the end of American society as we know it.  Now Ryan is moaning because Obama dared call him out on his stupid ideas.  Just another douche bag cry baby, but hey, his workouts are soooooooooo intense!!

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