Pig in a Poke

Been traveling for a few days so I have not had the opportunityto sit down and actually post a few words.  However, I have not been immune from being subjected to the hysteria concerning swine flu which is giving the cable networks new material for doom and gloom coverage.  On Monday it seemed that the possibility of a global pandemic was really going to send the markets tumbling, but alas things held together pretty well, as they did yesterday.  This morning futures are pointing to a higher opening, as investors are coming to their senses about this pig in a poke.  Let's be clear.  There never was too much risk of the swine flu wiping out humanity, but by the same token it is a problem to be reckoned with, and that is exactly what seems to be happening, except in Mexico which is certainly behaving like the third world country it really is, with a totally inadequate response to a health crisis.  No wonder most Mexicans want to come here!  I expect the market will continue to monitor the swine flu situation but in the end corporate earnings, which will continue to flood the market this week will determine the short term trend in equity prices.

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