Police State in America

Perhaps you would expect what happened last night in Ferguson, Missouri to be acted act in a film about Nazi Germany.  However, what occurred in that Missouri town was all too real.  The Ferguson Police evidently are not satisfied by killing unarmed black teenagers.  Now they want to go after reporters and photographers trying to tell us what is really going on in Ferguson.  Last evening they arrested members of the media trying to do their job.  They also sprayed protestors with rubber bullets and used tear gas against American citizens.  The cops are refusing to release the name of the officer who killed Michael Brown.  All these actions are very consistent with police state actions a la Nazi Germany.  For any person to deny that cops target black people (especially young black males) for punitive treatment is denying reality.  One cop in Ferguson was taped calling these black youths “animals”.  I certainly don’t condone violence but I can very much understand the frustration of Afro-Americans when confronted with such overt police hostility to their very being.  I’m sickened by the way police all over the country treat black people.  Look at the choking death of that poor soul in Staten Island NY. Another incident the other day in LA where a mentally challenged black youth was gunned down by a cop.  Not all cops are bad but a large percentage of them love their ability to carry a gun and go hunting.  If there ever was a situation in which the Federal Government should intervene it’s in Ferguson Missouri.  A Police State should not be tolerated in America.

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