Political Despair and Playing with Fire

There are times in life when a  feeling of despair comes upon us all.  These cruel August days my despair resides in Tampa where a bunch of literal "morons" are pretending to take care of the country's political fortunes. They have no regards for facts or truth and air propaganda that has proven to be false.  The Romney campaign has acknowledged not caring about "fact checking".  This is a pure advertising campaign being run on lies and I don't think people are particularly outraged by it. Is this what we have become?  To be sure, all politicians lie.  It's part of the game.  But to run a presidential campaign based importantly on repeating discredited information takes this to a new level.

For instance, how can any feeling reasonably intelligent person get through a speech by Rand Paul without concluding he is a complete nut.  He kept ranting about how he doesn't care what the Supreme Court said that Obamacare is unconstitutional.  The teleprompter was not his friend either and he looked the fool he was.  These folks are truly demented but are touted as the future of the party.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who always looks like a "good job" at a Bronx funeral parlor, orated about how much golf the president played and by inference was trying to equate Obama to Tiger Woods, another slimy black guy.  This guys are relentless in their racism. Didn't stay up to watch Paulie Boy but in skimming the morning news seems he told a few outright lies along with lots of distortions.

The Romney internal polls tell them to keep hitting the race button.  They have to run-up the white vote in order to win. This is developing into a serious situation with potentially devastating consequences for our society.  Mr. Romney is playing with fire. 

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