Political Risk is off the charts

One of the major reasons for my long term bearish posture toward the stock market is my opinion that the political risk in the US is probably at the highest level since the Civil War.  The events of the past few days in which a descent black women was vilified by the likes of Breitbart and Fox News in an attempt to sour race relations in the US should sound alarm bells all over the place. I have written before that the Tea Party opposition to Obama is rooted in racism, and I think that has proven true.  The likes of FOX News with all their army of hysterical opinionators, are laughing all the way to the bank while the seeds of armed revolution are being sowed.  It will truly come if this crap continues.  And where is Obama?  Where is that great leader we elected?  Obama is increasingly becoming an irrelevant joke but the sad thing is the lack of any reasonable alternative.  Who should the country turn too?  Sarah Palin!!! I predict that unless Barack Obama gets smart real quick and stops letting FOX News set the agenda, this country is heading for tumultuous times which will send the stock averages plummeting and could usher in a period when holding any financial asset will be questionable. 

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