“Poor” Hillary

Hillary Clinton is everywhere these past few days.  Can’t seem to turn on the telly without her face appearing. Of course she is on her book tour promoting her latest piece of propaganda. Makes me sick to see the media falling all over themselves giving her time to push the book that she got $8 million to write.  But oh wait!!  Seems that before she came into all the money that now flows her way ( $200,000 for a speech) she and good old Bubba were flat broke when they left the White House.  I guess all the quick money she made with the inside information on cattle futures didn’t go that far!!  Of course the broke line is just another Clinton lie. After leaving the White House they had enough money to buy a mansion in Chappaqua, New York so Hillary could carpetbag her way into a Senate seat in New York.  Anyway, Hillary now is back tracking a bit on her “broke” comment saying that she understands the plight of the average American who is having trouble making ends meet.  Sure she does.  This comes from a woman who hasn’t driven a car in 17 years and goes to her book signings in limos. Hillary is the epitome of the limousine liberal who talks one way and acts another.  One positive note.  Her book is being panned and is already selling at a deep discount.  Hope the Democrats get smart and back a true progressive in 2016 rather than this complete phony.

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