President Fat Slob

First off, I want to express regrets to my most loyal readers for the fact that I failed to make a big fuss yesterday at the appearance in my community of Chris Christie, better know in this column as the "Fat Slob".  He held a town meeting which was beautifully staged and stacked with GOP operatives from here in Ocean County which politically is quite conservative.  I tried to ask a question (I had many on my mind) but was not recognized.  The FS carried on mostly on local issues (all politics are local) and spent the better part of this presentation railing against the NJ Legislature for not passing more of his reactionary agenda. Of course, I went into the meeting with very negative feelings toward him and as of this morning I still disagree with most everything he espouses.  But truth be known, I was very impressed with the FS's performance in the Q & A session.  He was very much at ease,knew his stats, had a great sense of humor, and was in total command of the room.  I have dabbled in politics for most of my life and witnessed many a candidate do their thing and as of yesterday I think the FS could well be an impressive presidential candidate for the Republicans.  He is certainly heads and shoulders (and weight) above any current GOP hopeful.  I believe that the Fat Slob is aiming at 2016. If he is reelected here in Jersey(a truly blue state) he will waltz to the 201 nomination.  Of course I am assuming the Obama wins reelection and at this point can you really see any GOP potential beating him?  So all and all a very interesting day.  Could very well see President Fat Slob one day!!!

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