Put a fork in the Fat Slob – He’s done!!!!!

On this Super Tuesday there are many things political to write about.  The very real possibility that Republican primary voters will tonight affirm that a would be fascist dictator will be their nominee is of course the big breaking news.  However, I prefer to use this blog this morning to take a victory lap concerning my favorite topic for scorn for many years now -Chris Christie- better known to readers as the Fat Slob.

Even when the Fat Slob was riding high in opinion polls I was telling readers that the man was a huge fraud.  That he was a disingenuous creep of a politician that had no core values and whose ambition was limitless and he didn't care who he would take down or insult to further his goals of eventually being president of the United States. He was a bully who went after teachers and union members in order to build up his credentials in the GOP.  Indeed, I deemed the Fat Slob to be a very dangerous fellow.  I went to one of his many town hall meetings in New Jersey and concluded that he was a force to be reckoned with.  He was great in those settings that were totally staged for his political benefit. I also came away with a strong feeling that the Fat Slob was a deranged would be mobster and that too many people were ignoring his personality problems.

Then of course came Super Storm Sandy and Christie used it to his political advantage acting out a role that he really cared about the common folk when all he was really doing was playing to the cameras. His act played well and he managed to win reelection in a landslide.  But his victory soon was tarnished by the Bridgegate scandal which began to shed light on what the Fat Slob was really like. Still blinded by his ambition and mental derangement he believed he could still be president and he headed to New Hampshire for six months of hard campaigning while totally ignoring the needs of the voters here in New Jersey that reelected him.  After virtually living in New Hampshire for six months he finished with a pathetic 6% of the vote.  The people of New Hampshire saw through his act.

Of course he has one moment of glory in the debate in which he was able to embarrass Marco Rubio who he evidently hates.  Maybe that's because Rubio has class which is something the Fat Slob will never have.  Last Friday the Fat Slob who couldn't stand being out to the limelight endorsed Donald Trump after belittling the obnoxious billionaire for most of the primary season.  He made the national news and the Slob was supposedly relevant again.  After the endorsement Trump on a hot mike was heard telling the Fat Slob to "get on a plane and go home".. Wow that was great!!! The prop was no longer needed.  Subsequently Trump refused to disavow the KKK which left Christie to explain on a morning show this Sunday why he was still supporting Trump.  He was a deer in the headlights and the usual slick talker made a fool of himself.  His appearance was deemed a "train wreck".  I loved every minute of it!!

Of course Christie was playing for Vice President or a Cabinet post.  He needs a job.  However, it is less likely with each passing day that Trump will ever become president.  Moreover, Christie has so soiled his reputation that it's doubtful he could ever get confirmed for a Cabinet position.  As recently pointed out in another blog, "Trump has rendered Christie an isolated pathetic object of scorn"  About time the rest of the world starting seeing it my way!!

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