Putin will be stopped by the MONEY

Let’s face it folks Vladimir Putin is following in Hitler’s footsteps.  In 1938 Hitler demanded that the Sudetenland be returned to Germany because it had a German speaking majority.  In very much the same manner Putin has justified his taking over of Crimea. Back in 1938 the Western powers led by Neville Chamberlain in Great Britain gave in to Hitler and by doing so set the stage for Hitler to further his future demands for territory because he believed no nation of consequence would stand up to his demands.  While comparing President Obama to Chamberlain may be a bit extreme at this point it certainly bares watching since Obama has shown himself incapable of standing up to the Russian dictator in the past and seems unwilling now to take on this Russian creep. However, I believe that Putin will soon become more reasonable owing to the fact that many Russians have now come to love money more than ideology.  The Russian stock market is in chaos this morning and the ruble is falling sharply.  There is no way that Putin is going to invade Ukraine proper if his country’s financial position is threatened.  So Obama will continue to be a wimp but follow the money on this one.

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