Racism is alive and well in America

The shooting to death of black teenager Trayvon Martin in Florida is just another example that racism is alive and well in America. The 17 year old was walking down a Florida street when a "neighborhood watch" lunatic thought he looked suspicious and took it upon himself to blow him away.  Why was he suspicious?  Because he was black and wearing a hoodie!  The white guy who shot him has not been charged and the police in Florida are doing their best to cover the whole matter up.  Having grown up in a racist family that looked at black people as predators and sub-humans I can understand how this kind horrible thing can happen.  Hate is tough thing to get over for many people because it stems from an insecurity that they are indeed inferior ones. Just look at the hatred directed at President Obama because he is thought of as "black" although he is really bi-racial.  It's really curious to see all these evangelical Christians carry on about how Obama is destroying the country when they never said anything about Bill Clinton.  Maybe because Clinton was white? Gee, perhaps heaven only accepts white folks?  Look at the anger directed at Michele Obama because she is black.  She is considered too upity for lots of white folks who probably think she should be cleaning their houses instead of being the First Lady.  I have a bi-racial eight year old grandson who likes to wear hoodies.  Better tell him now that when he grows up he should not think about taking a walk in Florida, or for that matter any other part of racist America.

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