As I was watching the chaos in Chicago last night one thought kept running through my mind.  Despite a Civil War and legislation over the decades to eliminate racism, and even electing a black (biracial) president in 2008 America is still a country deeply divided by racial hatred.  To be sure, that hatred has been brought to a new level through the campaign of Donald Trump.  The man may say he is not a racist but anyone with a functioning brain knows that he is and that he is using it for his evil purposes.

The fights in the streets of Chicago last night were black on white fights.  No other way to spin it.  Whites in this country are angry that blacks have made progress to real equality,  I guess those Evangelical churches aren't preaching much these days of love of neighbor. I've been saying for weeks now that the Trump rallies were getting out of control and before too long someone was going to get killed.  I still think that will happen.  The world is watching us and what they see surely doesn't help our image as a country.  Racism is seems will never die in the USA even more so when demagogues like Donald Trump employ it for their own purpose.  

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