Religion is the root of all evil

The world is a mess right now.  No other way to put it.  In large part, most of the real trouble in the world right now is the result of religious fanaticism.  What’s going on in Iraq defies reason.  These Islamist lunatics are truly insane threatening to kill anyone who does not convert to their particular brand on Islam. The Isareli-Palestinian conflict is also at its core a fight over religion. It’s ironic to me that all the killing and mayhem concerns the proper way to worship an invisible being.  Moreover, at least in the culture and religion that I was brought up in(Catholic) this invisible being was a loving God. We are to thank God for all the blessings in our lives but of course God escapes blame for things like the holocaust and slavery. The God of the other main western religion as depicted in the Hebrew Bible  engages in mass murder and periodically  demanded human sacrifice as proof of devotion.  While the ‘politically correct” crowd says that Islam is not a violent religion, experience teaches us otherwise. Just look at the news and decide if you think Islam is violent.  I have basically renounced my Catholicism given the massive hypocrisy of the Church on so many different levels.  I believe in evolution and science.  If more folks took a secular view of the world and tried to live good and just lives the world would be better off.

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