Repulsive Republicans

How anyone can call themselves a Republican these days is a mystery to me.  The Republican party has been hijacked by a bunch of no-nothing morons hell bent on destroying the country in an effort to defeat Barack Obama.  Yesterday the Senate because of Republican opposition blocked a proposal to start rebuilding the nations infrastructure which is something that is urgently needed and in the process would create thousands of new jobs for construction workers. But the Republican creeps in the Senate joined by the most disgusting Senator in the chamber, Joe Lieberman blocked the measure because it imposed a small tax on those making more than one million dollars a years.  Aside from the antics in the Senate just look at who the Republicans have running for president.  Herman Cain is likely a sociopath who makes Sarah Palin look smart.  Mitt Romney has no principles and will change his mind in an instant if he thinks it will benefit him politically, and the rest of the field belongs in a mental health facility. Republicans are attempting to destroy the economy in order to defeat Obama.  They should all be thrown out of office and I hope first one out the window is Eric Cantor who is a slime ball who should be running with rodents in a sewer.

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