RIP Europe

I always wanted to see Brussels.  For some reason the city always has had an allure.  Closest I ever got was Paris but Brussels was always a place I wanted to visit. Belgium has a very interesting history and the Flemish and French chemistry always intrigued me.

 However, after yesterday it seems I will never get to Brussels, just as I am more unlikely to return to Europe anytime soon.  The Brussels bombings show that ISIS has a strong presence in Europe and that they have declared war on the Continent.  I will not risk my life by traveling to Europe until governments get a grip on their terror situation.

Of course I could carry on about how Europe is now  dealing with a self inflicted wound.  Millions of Muslim immigrants were welcomed.  They were put on the public dole, yet they never assimilated into many European cultures.  They have become a very violent country within a country.  I will avoid Europe because I just would not feel secure.  Of course there are levels of insecurity and generally I agree that you must live your life without fear of being killed by a terrorist.  However, the odds increase if you deem to place your body in a transportation hub or any public square in most European cities,

I love my European background and culture. I have traveled to the great cities of Europe.  Always wanted to see more.  That item on the bucket list is growing a little shaky these days. 

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