RIP Fat Slob’s Career

Regular readers are aware of my total contempt for the Fat Slob governor of New Jersey, aka Chris Christie.  Even when he was riding high in the polls based on his phony persona of a tell it like it is politician I warned readers about how horrible he really was.  A poor excuse for a human being.  The world seemed to come around to my point of view after the "Bridgegate" caper in which aides of the Fat Slob closed lanes of the George Washington Bridge in political retribution to the mayor of Fort Lee for not endorsing the reelection bid of the fat pig.

Most recently The Slob has been front and center for kissing the ass of Donald Trump.  He has become a laughing stock for his homage to the vulgarian of all times. Well a poll was released yesterday that reported that Christie has hit an all-time low in approval rating in New Jersey.  The once high flying blimp now has a 64% disapproval rating.  Among Democrats in New Jersey 86% disapprove.  In short the people of New Jersey have finally caught on to the fat fraud whose political career is now over.  Great news!!!!

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