Rooting for default

Having spent my career on Wall Street I recognize that not raising the debt limit and having the USA go into default will bring about economic calamity – at least in the short term.  Apparently the right wing lunatics in the Republican Party (really should be called the Tea Party) don't give a damn about much of anything including bringing about economic disaster.  They are moronic ideologues who are fighting a losing battle. They are terrified that their way of life is coming to an end and all that is horrible is manifested in one black man being president.  Their hatred of Barack Obama overtakes any reason and don't let anyone tell you this is not about race hatred because it surely is. 

Still I am rooting for default because in my opinion it's the only way that our political system can be salvaged barring a violent revolution.  In default I would hope that social security payments would stop and all those geezers who come to tea party gatherings and yell about how horrible the government is will feel the pain just like the poor folks and children that are going without benefits during the government shut down.  I also hope that Medicare pavements stop so that all those bored old people will have to find something else to do than going to the doctor for every ache and pain because the GOVERNMENT pays the bill.  An economic calamity brought about by the Republicans could allow the overcoming of the gerrymandered Congressional Districts that bring so many of these tea party lunatics to Washington.  My hope would be that these cretins will be voted out and the House return to Democrat control and that the nation can proceed with a sane approach to governing. So while default will surely be a short term horror I see it as the only hope of securing a better future. 

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