Rush Limbaugh has gone insane

I really was wondering what I would comment upon today.  Everything is so depressing.  However, I have finally found the topic.  For the first time in days I turned on Rush Limbaugh at noon, and listened to his opening monologue.  My God, the man has gone insane.  He is denying the reality of the polls, he is spreading rumors that there will be a RICO investigation of Obama, and he is defending Palin riling up crowds to the point of people yelling "kill him", referring to Obama.  Limbaugh has truly lost it which proves that Obama is heading toward a big win.  Also, if the Dems increase their membership in Congress (a sure bet) maybe the fairness doctrine will have a chance of coming back and big mouths like Limbaugh and Hannity will have some competition.  Speaking of Hannity I really enjoyed Barack's senior advisor Gibbs taking it the most annoying creep on the national scene today.  Hannity could soon be going back to construction work!!!

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