Rush Limbaugh is an Economic Moron

For lack of anything else to listen to today I tuned in Rush Limbaugh.  Now I must admit that for many years I listened to Rush, particularly when he bashed Bill Clinton, which was most entertaining.  However, of late I have lost my appetite for listening to Limbaugh given his constant stream of racist innuendo concerning Barack Obama.  However, I also now am ready to say that Rush Limbaugh is an economic moron.  Today, he was touting the fact the “Dark Knight” grossed more than $155 million over the weekend and that the new iPhones are hard to come by.  This is evidence according to Limbaugh that the economy is just fine if consumers can spend money on things like movies and new electronic gadgets.  What nonsense.  Perhaps people wanted to see the movie to escape their horrible economic condition?  The big mouth king of talk chooses to ignore the financial crisis that grips the nation along with the bear market that is eroding the savings of Americans, along with the collapse of housing prices.  Of course, Limbaugh is feeling no economic pain having just received a new record-breaking contract.  Yes Rush, the economy is in horrible shape regardless of what silly spin you put on it!!

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