Saint Hillary

Bill Clinton recently hinted that after leaving the cabinet Hillary will have "a major role to play".  He went on to speculate about her helping the world's children and women. Perhaps she will consider a move to the slums of India to emulate Mother Teresa.  Indeed, Hillary is now judged as one of the smartest, most competent member's of Obama's brain trust (which really isn't saying too much).  I will not criticize her tenure as Secretary of State.  She is hard working and seems to have accomplished some good things. But this new rush to proclaim a "Saint Hillary" is a bit embarrassing in my opinion.

With all her new found respect this is still the woman who ran such a horrible presidential campaign that allowed her to lose the nomination she should have had in the bag.  This the woman who when in trouble in New Hampshire faked a crying jag to get sympathy from female voters. Then let's go back a bit to the woman who tolerates her husband's sexual behavior and essentially is in a "partnership" not a marriage. Let's remember the woman who turned some worthless cattle futures into a quick killing in a few short days. This is the woman who still has not answered lots of questions about the death of Vince Foster.  I could go on but I hope you get the point.

Hillary Clinton is not a saint and I'm getting a little tired of being told she is.

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