Sarah “Puke Face” Palin

It's really hard for me to put in words how I feel about the national tragedy know as Sarah " Puke Face" Palin – but I will try anyway.  First off, from now on I will refer to her as just Puke Face, since every time I see her face on TV I want to puke.  She is certainly the most vile, repugnant and wretched political figure that has ever polluted the political atmosphere of this country.  And of course for that I blame another despicable figure – John McCain who is truly a demented man.  Puke Face is so repulsive that she is now the new definition of ignorance and stupidity.  Puke Face is also the new standard for white trash (along with Sean Hannity).  Every time I flush after a good bowel movement I will think of Puke Face and wish that she was joining the turds going down the drain. 

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