Scare Tactics

In my opinion a concerted, coordinated effort was made by politicians and the media to initiate a plan of scaring people to death over the destruction that would come from Hurricane Irene,  At one point last week I heard one weather moron say that this will be the defining storm of our lifetime, it would "be historic" in it's destructive might.  Well pretty much the same shit was being said by every other nutty weather commentary and with that evidence in hand our elected officials sensed an opportunity to enhance their shaky popularity.  Michael Bloomberg who once again cemented himself in the douche hall of fame was still smarting from an inadequate response to the Christmas Blizzard which paralyzed the city for days.  The little Emperor would not tolerate that happening again so he embarked on a strategy of evacuating people from certain low lying areas, shutting down the MTA and basically told us be were all going to die if we didn't listen to him.   He is all wise. No, he is just a mega douche playing to the gallery.  Then we have the Fat Slob in New Jersey shouting, bullying, and acting obnoxious telling people to "get the hell off the beach".Chris Christie was actually a natural for this role and probably helped himself politically.  But perhaps my biggest bitch is for the media and their weather experts who make this storm into a disaster movie in which we were about to star.  Some of us got pretty upset over what was coming.  Why the extreme view of Irene when it was never even a solid grade 2 and spent much of the time as  a 1?  In fact, it was a strong tropical storm that did lots of damage to people who choose to live near bodies of water. Unfortunately, it was not the apocalypse which could of proven a real challenge for media coverage. It was a big rain storm that had us scared to death and in some cases panic. We are a sick bunch!!!

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