Senator Smear

It looks like Ted Cruz will win the Republican primary in Wisconsin tonight.  So sad.  Not that we are Trump fans.  This blog has consistently torched Trump as being insane and unfit for office.  But the truth be known folks Ted Cruz is not much better.  Indeed, he is a truly disgusting person that I dare say has a very evil streak in him.  In fact he even looks evil having a distinct resemblance to Dracula.  Cruz is supported by a bevy of religious nuts among them pastors that want to kill all gay people.  The Texas Senator is despised by virtually every Republican in the Senate and he has insulted and smeared so many fellow Republicans that it's hard to keep count.

The support that Cruz is currently getting is predicated on the fact that voters don't want Trump.  And while stopping Trump from getting the GOP nomination is a good goal supporting Cruz is a fools game.  In a general election Cruz will suffer a Goldwater type defeat and would probably poll worse that Trump.  The only GOP candidate who is sane and worthy of support is John Kasich who Cruz is demanding to get out of the race.  Who the fuck does Crux think he is to demand such a thing?  Stay in John if only to annoy this Texas shit head.  Recently Cruz has taken to smearing Kasich which is not surprising.  What a horrible and evil person. Senator smear!!!!

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