Send in the Clowns

The 2016 Presidential derby is already underway and the past weekend several of the GOP hopefuls attended a conference in Iowa that was organized by Rep. Steve King.  He’s the guy who yells and screams about immigration and who is generally considered by any rationale person to be a right wing nut.  Among the stars appearing were Sarah Palin who once again displayed almost total ignorance of being and made a complete ass of herself as usual. Donald Trump was there with him comb over looking even more ludicrous than usual.  That little punk Scott Walker of Wisconsin made a real splash according to most accounts with his religious revival speech.  There were more of course but the main point here is that the Republican Party is essentially the party of lunatics and mentally challenged people.  Not that things look that better on the other side of the fence with the most obnoxious incompetent woman in America likely to get the Democrat nod for the oval office.  I will miss President Obama.

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