Sick and getting sicker

Our society is sick and it’s getting sicker.  Really folks can you bear to hear the news every day?  For my part, a quick scan of the morning papers makes me want to vomit.  Just think of the mess the world is now in.  Not saying other eras weren’t equally depraved but I guess the world of instant social media and electronic communications has let more of us in to what’s going on.

For starters, we have ISIS periodically beheading some poor soul and threatening to kill all who don’t convert to their particular form of Islam. Of course the beheadings get major media attention. Then there is Putin in Russia who likes to travel to international conferences accompanied by two warships.  And think folks, this nut has lots of nuclear weapons at his disposal.  Not a comforting thought particularly since Russia’s economy, because of sanctions, is cratering and will soon fall into a recession.  Putin will have to do something to shore up his base.  What that may be is a horror to contemplate.  Against these international threats we have in our corner a man who seems utterly detached from the responsibilities of governing. Indeed, there is something odd about the personality of a man who only gets tough after he gets his ass kicked in an election.  Where was Obama during the election?  Why didn’t he then have the balls to go on the trail and talk about the positive things his Administration had accomplished.  The man has such poor political instincts it’s a wonder he got elected to anything. Now Obama has moved ahead with his version of immigration reform. Well you know what my idea of immigration reform is:  build a frigging 12 foot wall the length of the southern border.  It would be a great job creator. This wall should be electrified.

Also depressing is all the news about Ferguson.  Come on folks the grand jury was fixed from day one. They never were going to indict the cop.  At this point however Ferguson is not about the killing of Michael Brown but about the state of race relations in this country.  On display for all the world to see is a country that is inherently racist.  Yes, they say things are getting better and look at the fact that we have a black president.  The fact that Obama is “bi-racial” and by temperament is more white than black doesn’t matter to the people who view skin pigmentation as a basis for treating people equally.  The cops in the country are for the most part harboring very racist tendencies and they show it repeatedly.  I don’t condone or favor violent destructive behavior but I can also try to understand what it must be like to be a black man born in the USA that has a high probability of ending up incarcerated one day.  You will come to learn the experience of people crossing the street to avoid you or the nervous twitters of women who ride the elevators with you.

Also making news has been the antics of international mega stars who fueled by the Internet have managed to take vulgarity to new levels.  Of course my favorite is that Kim person.  The one with the huge butt who likes to show it off.  I have never quite figured out what Kim’s claim to fame really is.  I know she is a reality TV star, but does she do anything more than take pleasure in showing off her fat ass?  Go figure?  Sick and getting sicker.

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