Sick of Sanders

Bernie Sanders will never be president of the United States and he shouldn't be.  The man is a joke.  Repeats the same crap over and over again.  He yells about how horrible Wall Street is forgetting I guess that we are still technically a capitalist country and Wall Street is a big part of the picture.  I find it personally insulting that he detests Wall Street so much considering I worked there for all of my career and during that time was surrounded by very fine and upstanding people who toiled hard and long to take care of their families.  

Sure more recently the hot shot computer geeks created bogus financial products that hurt people.  But on balance Wall Street has been a force for good helping create jobs by raising money for start up companies.  Sanders screams about "income inequality" like this is some new development.  Hey Bernie I got news for you there will always be the haves and the have nots,  Just life buddy and nothing you or any other socialist can do about it.

I really get a kick out of all these young people rallying around this old socialist.  Mainly of these kids are the product of well off households where hard working parents struggled to get them where they are today.  Sanders espouses policies that are truly pie in the sky with no chance of ever being implemetned.  Truly a campaign of smoke and mirrors by a man with bad dandruff and suits that never go the cleaners to get pressed. To be sure lots of his appeal comes from his running against the most horrible woman on the planet but surely his ability or worthiness to be president is questionable to say the least. He should go back to The Peoples Republic of Vermont and cease screaming his head off about nonsense!!!!

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