Silence of the Lambs

The pictures are horrifying.  Palestinians being slaughtered by Israel.  The film of the dead children is the most disturbing.  Hard to watch.  Meanwhile the Zionists led by the warmonger Netanyahu pledge even more destruction in Gaza.  Last night Israel bombed the major power plant in Gaza so now the people will have no electricity.  Yesterday Israel bombed a hospital killing several kids.  Of course all this death and destruction is made possible by the USA which has armed Israel to the teeth and given billions of dollars in aid.  Then the morons in our government wonder along with the ignorant American people why the Arab world hates us.  For years now through its blockade Israel has attempted to starve the Palestinian people.  Perhaps if the US government gave some dollars to Gaza things would be different.  But of course the poor souls in Gaza don’t have any money to give US politicians.  How many members of Congress get money from AIPAC?  The answer is simple: the Israeli lobby has bought Congress and perhaps that is why not one voice is raised against the wholesale slaughter of Palestinians. Indeed, it’s the silence of the lambs.

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