Slick Willie to the Rescue???

It will be interesting tonight to watch Bill Clinton's speech to the DNC.  Most everybody knows that he doesn't care much for President Obama and some people are wondering just what's up his sleeve.  Indeed, there is always something up Slick Willie's sleeve and notwithstanding my conversion to the progressive political viewpoint I still have great distaste for the Arkansas phony.  I guess I never got over his telling us he never inhaled.  I've also never gotten over how he disgraced the Oval Office with his little escapade with a chubby intern.  The man is a pig.  Still the media now loves him calling him one of the greatest politicians of our time and how Obama needs him to win because he will help connect with the trailer trash that still doesn't care much for the smart black guy. 

However, the real reason that Slick Willie will take the stage tonight is to help his dear wife in her 2016 quest for the presidency.  He has to be a team player so Hillary can be crowned queen in four years.  Bill doesn't give a hoot for Obama just thinking about his partner in life getting into power so he can be the power behind the throne.  Bill Clinton is an egotistical conniving creep and I for one will be watching with complete disdain.

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