I must admit to growing very fond of soccer. The game has lots going for it.  Constant action, great athletes, and if you go to a match you can pretty much know you will be out of there in less than two hours, much unlike a baseball game for which you must devote a seemingly entire day to witness the slow motion non-action.  Finally it seems that soccer is catching on in the United States.  In New York virtually every bar features soccer parties during the World Cup and they are drawing big crowds.  Still there are some things to criticize particularly when it comes to the World Cup, the most prominent being the officiating.  For instance in the game involving host country Brazil the Japanese referee clearly awarded a penalty kick to the home team that should not have been allowed.  Also so many of the players are drama queens faking injuries on the field.  In any event I will continue to watch the games and will be rooting hard for the USA and Italy.

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