Sochi Olympics-The $50 Billion Joke

The Sochi Olympics are underway and in my opinion they are a big waste of time.  Long term readers know of my contempt for the Olympic games since they are now infused with professional athletes and are held in an accordance with corrupt officials who award the games to the country giving them the biggest payoffs.  In the current instance President Vladimir Putin of Russia lobbied hard for these winter games and supposedly shelled out $50 billion to showcase the “new” Russia.  Unfortunately the “new” Russia is turning out to be a carbon copy of the old one.  By most accounts the venue is a disaster.  Indeed, a series of tweets by journalists covering the games is hilarious with complaints of hotels that are not finished, have no running water, and have toilets that can handle toilet paper.  In some instances pacts of wild dogs are roaming the halls.  Sounds lovely.  Then there are the actual places where the athletes are supposed to show their skills that in some instances are being deemed as dangerous.  Of course then there is the ever present threat of terrorism that is plaguing these games owing to the brutal political practices still practiced by Russia.  For my part, I don’t intend to tune in to one minute of the Sochi games.  A complete waste of time and a waste of $50 billion.

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