State of the Race

Readers have been warned many times by me that 24-hours can be a lifetime in politics.  Things can change on a dime.  I've managed a few campaigns that hinged on lots of last minute developments or strategies.  Like Yogi said, "it's never over till it's over".  With that said one must judge President Obama's performance in the first debate as big game changer given his reluctance to participate fully.  The image of a president looking down at the podium seemingly cowering at the onslaught from a sociopathic liar was stunning and will be hard to forget.  This moment in my opinion denied Obama of a comfortable victory and now puts the race in toss up territory.

To be sure, Mitt-Witt is at this point a Shakespearean character, displaying so many character faults that it makes your head spin.  I think there is even more to him than we see that defines his evil little smile.  Maybe you gotta be a street kid from the Bronx to recognize Mitt-Witt as a total phony, but it's so obvious that everyone should be able to sign on.  I actually think he has mental problems that encompasses delusions of grandeur.  He is dangerous yet he can be elected since so many people voting are ill-informed morons. At the same time Obama is increasingly the kid everyone knows they can pick on and get away with it.  If he doesn't start fighting back he's toast.

Thursday night the two clowns running for vice president will debate and the hype has already began.  Joe Biden is a seasoned politician and if anyone could get under the thin skin of the deplorable Paul Ryan it will be Biden.  No matter what happens in four weeks any objective observer would have to go along with the notion the the "intellectual" label no longer fits Paul Ryan.  He is a phony that touts solutions that just don't add up.  I have nothing but contempt for him.  The debate will be judged a draw.  Then two more presidential go rounds in which the public will be asked to judge the "performance" of the candidates, rather than their policy agendas.  The next is a town hall forum (which I really detest) and it will be hard for Bambi to show any teeth.  The last debate is just ten days before the vote and will be on foreign policy. They say Obama is smart so this is his last chance.  He must portray Mitt-Witt as a trigger happy novice controlled by former Bush neo-con advisers who will get us into another war.  He must portray Mitt-Witt as the dangerous loon that he is. 

Assuming that Obama follows my advise he should win by a slim margin, but like I say 24 hours is a lifetime in politics.



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