State of the Race

Romney is stll the GOP front runner even after last night's less than impressive Michigan victory.  Let's face it folks the guy is a total corporate creep but he will be going up against Obama. No other way the Republicans can go since Rick Santorum in the course of a few short weeks threatened to bring down on them a huge defeat, and relegate the GOP to the party status of "no-nothings".  

Still it matters not who the Republicans pick for after watching the President address a bunch of UAW workers yesterday there is no way the guy is going to lose the election.  Obama was on fire and when he wants to he can give a hell of a speech.  He had the crowd on its feet cheering.  Romney is done.  Put a fork in him.

I do hope that Santorum will soldier on and I'm sure he will.  He is so much fun even if he doesn't seem to be enjoying himself very much with that pained joyless expression etched on his face,  He really is such a jerk in those dorky sweater vests that sometimes I just LOL at the TV when he comes on. Truly a nut case.

Before Super Tuesday Newt Gingrich is bound to make some more noise since he is being banked rolled by this Las Vegas casino billionaire (no folks can't make this stuff up), and Ron Paul is still in the hunt. I really wish Paul were not such a dope on fiscal matters because I really agree with his foreign policy and world view.  The continued military presence of US troops in other countries is ridiculous and costly.  We give billions of dollars in military aid to allies like Israel who then threaten to use that military might against our wishes. 

Gotta admit these guys put on a good show!!

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