Strange Times We Live In

Is it just me but do recent events sort of give you a strange feeling?  Take the recent storms here in the East. If there were ever a testimony to the truth of climate change we just experienced it.  Indeed, things are very likely to get worse on the climate front since you can only dump so much carbon into the air before bad stuff starts happening.  New York is now contemplating building a "sea wall".  Thankfully the election is over but has been replaced by the endless media commentary about military sex capades.  To think that the folks who we count upon to protect us were so bored they had to resort to sending copious daily emails to love interests just blows me away.  Really folks this entire thing is sick and worthy of a junior high plot yet the director of CIA and former all-star general are involved.  We are talking about this crap and not focusing on the difficult fiscal cliff negotiations that can really impact all our lives in a serious way.  Some very stupid Republicans are clinging to the notion that tax rates for the rich cannot ever be raised although we just had an election where the vast majority of voters favored such an idea.  The world gone mad!! I tell you folks if a major earthquake happens in the near future our Mayan friends could prove to be very prophetic!!!

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