Stupid, Selfish, Senior Scumbags

I have the misfortune of currently living in a "senior" community.  You must be 55 or older to have the privilege of living among your peers.  Indeed, the town in which I am currently living -Jackson, NJ- has many of these communities and they dominate the electorate.  Yesterday there was a local election for school board and budget along with a proposal to allow the town to spend more than the 2% cap imposed by the state on local tax increases that among other things would allow the police force to avoid layoffs of nearly half the force.  Well the local geezers voted overwhelmingly not to fund the schools at the level desired and also voted down the increase in the tax cap.  It seems my fellow seniors don't give a shit about kids or providing safety for citizens.  All these selfish stupid creeps care about is not raising taxes.  The hell with everything else.  But try taking their Medicare away and they will scream bloody murder.  In short, these folks are just stupid, selfish, scumbags!  Hopefully, I will be able to move away from these walking stiffs and once again live among caring human beings.

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