Suffer the little children

The world news to say the least is very depressing these days, but particularly horrible when you think of all the children being caught in the web of international politics.  Here at home we have the images of children at the southern border trying to find asylum in the US from the horrors of their liives in Central America.  In the middle east there are the images of little Palestinian kids being bombed and maimed by Israeli missiles that were in large part paid for by US taxpayers.  That scene of those boys running for their lives and then succumbing to an Israeli rocket attack still haunts me.  And then the fact that of the nearly 300 dead in Putin’s attack on an airliner 80 were children.  Young lives cut short by the ego of a thug. Really folks where does this end?  Is there any humanity left in the world?  Perhaps the nutty evangelists are right in their ravings that the end is near.  Like those who ask how the Holocaust could have happened if in fact there was a loving God, the same question can be asked now.  Yes, suffer the little children.

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