Summer Stinks

This has truly been the summer of my discontent.  The heat has been relentless.  It has not rained here in nearly two months.  The clouds build and then nothing happens.  All the lawns have turned brown.  My electric bill is through the roof even though I have been sparing with the air conditioning.  Meanwhile, the faltering economy permeates my family just as it does millions of others with worry over joblessness, the faltering real estate market, and  the ups and downs of the stock market.  This has not been a good summer to be without medication particularly when listening to the news.  Republican politicians have reached a new low for pandering to the worst instincts of the American people,and folks seem to love it getting ready to hand the Congress over to these bunch of lunatics. The voters are reightfully angry but by putting the current day GOP in power they will be making a huge mistake that will cost the country dearly.  Yes Obama is a big disappointment and should never of been president, but what was the alternative in 2008?  The alternative is bound to be worse in 2012.  Can you imagine a Presdent Sarah Palin????????  Oy vey, better stop writing before I become suicidal.  As for the stock market two words -STAY CLEAR.   

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