Super Pain in the butt

Living in the New York area for the past week has subjected one to the endless media circus surrounding the Super Bowl that is to be played today in the swamps of New Jersey.  Supposedly this was a major coup for the area getting the NFL to play its biggest event in a cold climate.  For my part, I wish this fiasco was not taking place anywhere near me.  My feelings of disgust reached their peak yesterday when I traveled into NYC to pick up my son and the usual easy Saturday morning parking on Barrow Street was a nightmare of epic proportions.  Seems some stupid Super Bowl related event was taking place on the West Side Highway and yokels from around the area came into the West Village to see whatever was going on.  Hundreds of police were on hand and chaos ruled.  Never did get a parking spot.  Evidently lots of business owners, especially in the Times Square area are also cursing the Super Bowl since the fun and games set up in the area have slowed their business. Cabbies say they are suffering because they can’t get around town because of the congestion.  About the only good thing I can see of pre-Super Bowl events was that the Fat Slob was booed yesterday at yet another stupid pre-game event.

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