Supreme Disgrace

Yesterday the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on the petition by an Alabama county to overturn the Voting Rights Act passed in 1965.  This legislation was widely hailed as giving people of color the opportunity to vote for the first time in many racist areas of the country.  However, according to some observers the Supreme Court seems inclined to rule parts of the Act unconstitutional.  Perhaps the most unbelievable comment in yesterday's debate was made by Justice Antonin Scalia who claimed that the upholding of this Act would represent "perpetuation of racial entitlement".  Yes you read that right.  This man who sits on the highest court in the land actually said those stupid and ignorant words.  These comments come after the 2012 election in which people of color were made to wait in line for hours to cast a vote after Republicans tried desperately to stop them from getting to the polls.  Indeed, if the Court eventually overturns certain provisions of the Act nine states mostly in the South would become free to change voting procedures without first getting permission from the Federal Government.  It's really hard to imagine this going on put the hard right in this country which is unable to win national elections is seeking to promote their agenda through the Supreme Court aided by despicable men like Scalia.  On a very personal note it pains me that a man whose name ends in a vowel is so clearly a racist.

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