Tax the Churches

It's a picturesque winter morning here in the West Village.  The snow is falling outside of my window and the streets are virtually deserted.  If not for the distant high rise buildings you can imagine yourself back in the 1800's.  One aspect of this lovely tableau is the Roman Catholic church of St. Veronica which is located on the north side of Christopher Street and was build in 1849.  The beautiful steeples of the church look stunning amidst the January snow fall.  It got me to thinking.  The country is in a terrible financial mess and notwithstanding this bucolic morning one must wonder what will become of the USA.  Sure, Obama will be an improvement and we all hope he can stabilize the financial mess.  Therefore, as he assumes office I have a suggestion.  Why not tax church  property?  Can you imagine the source of income that would provide to struggling states and cities?  I can.  In one bold stroke much needed revenue would be raised.  I have to ask, why are churches exempt from taxes?  What is the rationale.  If one wants to go into an elaborate building to worship God, why should those of us who may not believe in an invisible being be made to subsidize the practice?  Just think.  The revenue from taxing church property could fund better health care for millions along with other vital social services.  This of course will not be considered, but I think it should.

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